Today is Angela's birthday, I won't say her age, but...many years ago a beautiful,
(The nurses even commented on her beauty.) red haired baby girl was born in to our family.
We are so grateful she is ours!
Here's a little thing I wrote about her years ago for her high school year book.
Our Sunshine in the Morning
As a toddler your temperature hit 104,
Later, Mittens died and we moved...once more.
Life didn't seem fair; a few kids were mean,
Stomach aches and spiders still make you scream.
But no problem ever seems too big for you,
You have the answer and know just what to do...
You put a song in your heart and sunshine in your smile,
For singing and smiling are your unique style.
We love you Ang;


Still cancer-free and I'm on the three-year plan...

Had my yearly colonoscopy yesterday and a couple of weeks ago,
I went in to Huntsman Cancer Hospital for more tests...blood work and a CT scan.
(Try drinking a gallon --I'm exaggerating, but it seemed like a gallon--of barium--ugh!)

I'm still cancer-free and now
ON THE THREE YEAR PLAN for a colonoscopy!!!

We are celebrating at our house!



You will see by the post beneath this one, that I've been a huge fan of My Dough Girl Cookies for almost a year and a half. I always have a few bags of frozen cookie balls in my freezer and for example, when I had out of town company for 6 days, they loved My Dough Girl cookies so much I went in twice and bought a dozen + each time. Notice the My Dough Girl logo...NOTHING like the Pillsbury dough boy...and Pillsbury is threatening to put My Dough Girl out of business...humm...."dough boy"...."My Dough Girl"...NOTHING ALIKE!!! So, for the sake of a wonderful woman who makes delicious cookies...I'm asking that you buy NOTHING from Pillsbury...they are the big bully trying to hurt My Dough Girl. I'd like this boycott to kick the dough boy right where it hurts!


My Dough Girl

One of my co-workers brought cookies to work yesterday...they were purchased from My Dough Girl which is located in Salt Lake at 770 S. 300 W. They are INCREDIBLE COOKIES....you can find her website here. She names her cookies after women; my favorite is Vivianna. Vivianna's description is: Feel the warmth of the equator. Orange dough, mangos & dark chocolate...YUM!!! My second favorite is Audrey: Almond dough packed full of adoration, almonds, cranberries and white chocolate. I'm not a white chocolate fan, but these are delicious! I can't wait to go in and try the red velvet and Ricki. Ricki's description is as follows: One might find themselves saying "Ooh Aah All Man's Joy!" Coconut dough with chocolate chips, coconut, and almonds. You can either purchase the frozen cookie dough balls, take them home and bake one or a dozen...or you can buy them already baked. Oh, my, if you're in SLC, stop in and try them, you won't be disappointed.


Still catching up....

May 9, 2009
Happy Anniversary Andrew and Jessi! They are celebrating their 1st Anniversary in
Paris, France...where they spent their
honeymoon! Love you two!

Catching up!

Tim just downloaded pictures to this computer and I realized I hadn't blogged about our visitors from Aaron's mission...so meet our LA ladies....Lynette, Myra and Mama Harris...Tim and I are the bookends! We enjoyed having them stay with us and getting to know them.


Happy Mother's Day!

From Jack and Sadie


Jack said...

I got a text from Angela today:

"Jack just climbed into a diaper box, closed it up and said, "mail me to grandma's house!"

Can he get any cuter than that! I told her to send him!!!